1. What is a transcript? What is the difference between transcript and mark sheet? Should transcript be a consolidated mark sheet?

Transcripts by meaning is a statement of record from the university which is provided for the use of a third party. Transcript unlike a mark sheet can be issued in original any number of times by the University. Transcripts are required in original by many foreign universities for the purpose of admission, scholarship grants, by employers for verification, by immigration authorities where points are to be granted on the basis of qualifications. While mark sheets are intended for student use, official transcripts are issued to any interested recipient and as many number of times. Transcript need not necessarily be a consolidated mark sheet.


2. Are the transcripts delivered in envelopes with signature and seal by the University officials?

Yes, all the transcripts that we deliver are with signature and seal on the back of the envelope from the registrar or authorized officials of the University.


3. How many days does it take to deliver the transcripts?

Transcripts delivery time includes the application evaluation time + college processing time + university processing time + logistics time.  The time varies between university to university, please refer to the expected shipment date on the application page. The delivery time is largely dependent on the university processing duration. The expected shipment date mentioned indicates minimum guideline date arrived based on historical data. There can be variations on the expected date based on the delay from the University.


4. Are the transcripts shipped directly to the shipment address in USA or Canada?

We process the transcripts through the University and send them in a mailing envelope directly to any shipping address including destinations in USA and Canada.


5. How can I track the transcript status?

You will receive every third day email status update as your application progresses through the system. We regularly update the application status page with the current status of the transcripts. Once the shipment is sent to logistics company, we share the tracking code to see the status updated on their webpage.


6. What are the documents that I need to submit for transcripts?

The documentation requirements vary from University to University. Please refer to this page for documentation requirements. In general, documents required are scanned copies of all the marks sheets, scanned copy of the degree certificate and scanned copy of the authorization and declaration form signed. While your application processing will begin immediately on receiving the scanned documents, for the purpose of compliance requirement, original authorization and declaration form and a self attested photo ID proof is to be sent to our office address.

7. The University documents are of size larger than A4 how can I scan them in my home scanner?

We suggest that you take the documents to a business center and get the size reduced to A4 on a xerox copy. Then you can take a scan copy of the document and send it across. Most UPS Stores and FedEx Kinkos in US/Canada do document size reduction.

8. I need consolidation of transcripts from two universities before shipping them abroad. Do you provide this service?

Yes, if both the Universities are located in the same city we can consolidate the packages. For one of the Universities please choose shipping address auto-fill as "Consolidate Package"